I am largely self-taught as an artist. My background is in Graphic Design which gives me an understanding of the relationship between colour and emotion. The paintings are loose and painterly in style using mixed media. Although I am aware of scale and perspective I use a location purely for inspiration and as a reference point, quite happily disregarding the natural order of things.

I am lucky to live in Devon and constantly nip across the border to Cornwall. I find both counties astonishingly varied and beautiful, from the bleak wilds of the moors to the bustling summer beaches. The seasons provide a constant change of weather and light which never fail to inspire and challenge me as a painter. It's an absolute thrill to be out with a camera and sketchbook and then return to the studio with a head full of ideas.

In 2014 I began being represented by DeMontfort Fine Art. I'm delighted to also be represented by a number of independent galleries whose links can be found on the 'Links' page and via the relevant paintings.

In 2018 I became a finalist in 'Devon Life' -                                           Landscape artist of the year

As an artist I am simply trying to capture,

share and celebrate what I see around me.

All images © 2021 Steve Bowden

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